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  • Dec 05 2017

    Nordregio celebrates 20 years anniversary together with a series of lunch seminars

    Nordregio celebrates its jubilee with a series of lunch seminars together with guest speakers from Nordregio's past and future. Lunch seminars take place at Nordregio, in Stockholm throughout the year. Nordregio alumni and partners are warmly welcome to partcipate the lunch seminars by signing up beforehand to

  • Nov 29 2017
    Nov 30 2017

    Nordregio Forum 2017: Nordic Cities– Connecting the Urban and the Rural


  • Oct 26 2017

    Increasing Income Inequality in the Nordics - How do we handle it?

    Recent decades have seen a strong trend towards increasing income inequalities in all advanced economies. Although the Nordic countries have traditionally been characterized by low income dispersion, they have also been exposed to this trend. This conference will focus on widening income differentials in the Nordics and appropriate policies to address the issue. The conference will be chaired by Claus Thustrup Kreiner, University of Copenhagen.

  • Jun 18 2017
    Jun 21 2017

    The 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting

    The Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM), an international geography conference, is held every second year in different Nordic countries. This time, the event takes place at Stockholm University on 18-21 June. Over 15 sessions are united under the theme “Geographies of inequalities” which encourages researchers to discuss spatial and social injustices on local and global levels. Nordregio joins the conversation by presenting latest research on Nordic Arctic studies, green growth, immigration and urban planning.

  • Jun 08 2017
    Jun 12 2017

    Youth, migration and small communities facing large industries as Nordregio's topics in ICASS IX

    One of the largest scientific Arctic seminars in the Nordic, ICASS, takes place in Umeå 8-12 June, and Nordregio is presenting in several sessions. Nordregio's highlight lands on Saturday 10 June, when we draw all the recent Arctic studies together and challenge the participants to join the side-event Maps Mingle!  Arcum (Arctic Research Centre), Sámi dutkan (Language studies) and Vaartoe (Centre for Sami Research) at Umeå University are hosting the ninth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS IX) organized by the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA). Theme this year is “People & Place”.

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