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Nordic working group on Third Generation Regional Policy

Arbejdsgruppe for tredje generations regionalpolitik, 3

The overall aim of the Working Group on Third Generation Regional Policy is to develop proposals and input for a new Nordic "third generation" regional policy. The ambition is to find ways of using the potentials of each region in the best possible way and to integrate all Nordic regions and local communities into the global economy.

The Working Group has prioritized the following themes:

  • green growth as a potential for regional development
  • the link between innovation policy and regional policy
  • the impact of the economic crisis on Nordic regions
  • strategies to handle demographic challenges in Nordic regions

The Working Group serves as an important forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences between the Nordic countries within the field of regional policy.

The Working Group is composed of representatives from the national ministries responsible for regional policy.

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Lisa Hörnström

Senior Research Fellow