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Nordic working group for globalisation and cross-border co-operation

Globalisering og grænseoverskridende samarbejde, 2

This working group aims to "develop proposals for the development of new barrier-reducing initiatives anchored in local and regional needs".

They are addressing this objective in a number of themes:

  • Cross-border integration of authorities
  • Nordic experiences with barrier-reducing initiatives and cooperation
  • Cross-border cooperation as part of EU cohesion policy
  • Cross-border bridging over large distances
  • Cross-border statistics

Within these themes, the working group will conduct a number of research projects that address current policy issues, and publish a variety of publications that illuminate the Nordic cross-border experiences.

The working group will function as a dialogue platform between the cross-border committees and Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Isabelle Monell

Executive and HR coordinator

Lisbeth Greve Harbo

Research Fellow

Lisa Hörnström

Senior Research Fellow