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Regional initiatives to handle demographic challenges

Mid-term seminar May 2nd 2013

In the beginning of May 2013 a mid-term seminar for the Nordic Demographic Programme 2012-2013 was held at Nordregio in Stockholm. At the seminar, the four projects that have received funding from the programme presented preliminary results and shared their experiences of working in the projects.

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Presentations from the seminar:

Demographic challenges - what can we learn from each other in the Nordic countries? Background to the Nordic Demographic Programme

Increasing urbanization, mobility, ageing population and other changes in demographic structure are issues that receive more and more attention and will have a crucial impact on the future of the Nordic regions and municipalities. Demographic changes will have a large impact on different policy areas. In combination with other factors, they will pose important challenges to the provision of welfare services. Many municipalities in the Nordic countries are already severely burdened by decreasing population, which implies an unbalanced age structure and a reduction of the tax base.

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