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Södertörnsmodellen, Stage 3

A shift towards economic, green and social sustainability in urban development demands new forms of collaboration between citizens, local authorities, businesses and the academia which adheres to local needs and preconditions. 

A lack of knowledge regarding these needs and conditions may result in actions and priorities in urban development that have severe social and economic consequences for society.

 Södertörnsmodellen envisions urban development that facilitates equality, prosperity and resource efficiency. We offer collaborative approaches and tools that enable innovative and sustainable urban development that recognizes citizens´ needs and facilitates the shift towards economic, green and social sustainability. We focus on solutions that foster knowledge-driven, coproductive and attractive urban development.

In the project we will test models and tools for knowledge-driven, co-productive and attractive urban development in carefully selected urban development projects in Sweden. This will result in market-ready approaches that will facilitate informed planning and decision-making in Sweden and beyond. Moreover, we envision supporting the consolidation of new approaches in urban planning that use diverse modes of co-production in order to sustain livable and attractive communities. Finally, we will establish our concepts as key drivers for urban change and the transition towards economic, green and social sustainability in urban development.

There are already existing websites for the project: Södertörnmodellen official website and Nordregio website


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