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My spatial story

The map below illustrates my migration between the Nordic NUTS3-regions. 

It is a visual representation of my spatial movements that have resulted in stays in Nordic NUTS3-regions lasting between two months and several years for either studies or work.

The highly scientific map clearly shows that my migration has been focusing on the Nordic parts of the Central Baltic region. The density of the arrows in a relatively small area shows that I have engaged in circular migration in particular between the NUTS3-region of my birth Helsinki-Uusimaa and the regions of Southwest Finland, Stockholm and Uppsala.

Migrating around the Baltic Sea runs a bit in my family too – for example one of my forefathers who was a Swedish fisherman, sailed to and settled down in the Turku archipelago in the 1600s, and my great-grandparents worked in St. Petersburg, where my grandmother was also born, in late 1800s and early 1900s.