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Sustainable local tourism

Tourism is the world's largest industry. Tourism also causes significant environmental impacts, since it usually involves travelling with aircrafts, by car or on cruise ships. A new book about local and sustainable nature tourism presents alternatives for exotic and exciting experiences that the local landscape holds.

For people from Zealand, Malmö is the natural destination for excursions, whereas people living in Skåne usually travel over the bridge to visit Copenhagen. What many do not know is that only a train ride away, there are a variety of exotic sights and experiences waiting to be discovered. In the book Exotiska utflykter runt Öresund (Exotic trips around the Sound) different attractions are presented for those looking for new adventures. The book includes excursions on themes such as gardens, the ocean, nature and wildlife and cultural history.

Nordregio's Director Kjell Nilsson has contributed with a chapter about garden tourism in northwestern Scania.

Tilde Tvedt & Måns Norlin (Red), 2013, Exotiska utflykter runt Öresund, Bokförlaget Arena (In Swedish and Danish)