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The NEBI Yearbook 2000

North European and Baltic Sea Integration. Springer-Verlag 2000

The NEBI Yearbook 2000 aims to provide a balanced picture of both the integrationist opportunities and disintegrationist pressures in the North European and Baltic Sea area - a region with over 50 million inhabitants and great economic and trading potentials. It brings together a wide range of scientific methods and perspectives in addition to a comprehensive statistical section with information found nowhere else. The result is a unique source of up-to-date knowledge of this increasingly important European region.


North Europe, Baltic Sea area, European Integration, European Political Architecture


T. Stoltenberg: Foreword.- L. Hedegaard, B. Lindström: Cross-border Integration in the Oresund Region: A NEBI Showcase?.- K. Peschel: Economic Integration: J. Bröcker: Migration Potential and Migration Effects after EU Enlargement.- Z. Winiewski: Unemployment, Migration and the Effects of EU Membership on the Polish Labour Market.- T. Straubhaar: Immigration to Scandinavia: Good or Bad for the Nordic Economies?.- M. Johansson, L. Persson: Approaching a Single Labour Market: Emerging Migration Patterns in the Baltic Sea Area.- M. Schack: Cross-border Commuting and Integration.- C.-E. Stalvant: Spatial Planning and the Environment: M. Tennberg: The Politics of Sustainability in the European Arctic.- S. Sawhill: Underwriting the Environment: Development Bank Influence in the Barents Region.- M. Sandberg: Environmental Aid toPoland and Win-Win Strategies.- B. Madsen, C. Jensen-Butler: The Regional Economic Effects of the Femer Belt Link for the Western Baltic Area.- A.-L. Myllynen, O. Saastamoinen: Russia in the Baltic Sea Roundwood Trade.- A. Östhol: Transborder Regional Co-operation: M. Anderson: Transborder-Co-operation: An Assessment.- M. Davis: The European Union and the Baltic Sea Region: Problems and Prospects for Stability.-T. König, T. Bräuninger: The Union's Institutional Reform and Enlargement.- I. Neumann: State to Region: Nordic Co-operation and the Winds of Change.- C. Höög: Regional Lobbying in Brussels.- P. Joenniemi: Political Integration, Territorial Governance and Security: Z. Lachowski: Building Military Stability in the Baltic Sea Region.- P. van Ham: US Policy Toward Northern Europe: Political and Security Aspects.- A. Nokkala: Security Development in theBarents Region.- G. Herd: The Process of Russian Decentralisation: Baltic Policy Implications.- C. Archer: Security Aspects of the EU's Northern Dimension.- J. Köll: North European and Baltic Statistics.