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What is the future of biofuels and renewable energy? Founder of ST1 energy company Mika Anttonen answers

What is the future of biofuels and where should we focus next? Nordregio Forum 2016 keynote speaker Mika Anttonen, founder of ST1 energy company answers in a preinterview

Mika Anttonen
Founder, Chair
St1 Energy Company

What is the future of biofuels and renewable energy? 

Biofuels and renewable energy are missing two major innovation: Sustainable raw materials for biocrudes to substitute fossil crude oil and electricity storages to meet supply and demand balance of renewable electricity. Without these innovations the share of biofuels and renewable electricity is not going grow as needed from climate change point of view.

Where are the Nordic countries on the development curve when compared to the rest of the world? Nordic countries are forerunners in many fields of renewable energy. We should continue to build up world class knowhow in local markets to be able to sell it later on to the rest of the world.

Where should we be looking right now: where do the most interesting new ideas come from?

St1 of course.

How fast is the future here and how should the Nordic countries be prepared?  

 There are many things that we should have been done10 years ago, but rest of the world is even slower.

What makes you the most angry or frustrated in today’s biofuel and renewable energy discussion?

People don’t realise how complex the world’s energy system really is. Because of that we are putting our time and energy into the wrong topics, like supporting electrification of vehicles and emission trades through taxation. Instead we should focus on changing consumption habits, like decreasing flying with higher taxation, improving women’s status in developing countries as a means of controlling population growth, and research and development investments.