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Empowering the future: Nordregio paper gets presented in Apatity, Russia

Anna Karlsdóttir, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio will present the "YOUTH IN THE NORDIC ARCTIC: The importance of empowering the future" at The North and the Arctic in the New Global Development Paradigm Luzin Readings 2016. 

The conference takes place in Apatity in Russia between 14-16 April and international researchers, businessmen, politicians and others are invited to present and discuss this years theme during the two days. Nordregio will be represented by several researchers including Anna Karlsdottir and Timothy Heleniak.

The main themes of the conference are:

  • Global processes and challenges for the North and the Arctic under the conditions of growing geopolitical and economic importance of the Arctic nature resource and transport potential.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection on the Arctic territories.
  • Social policy in the Arctic: national, regional, municipal, and corporate aspects.  
  • Innovations development in the Arctic economies.
  • Regions and municipalities of the Russian Arctic: tendencies, strategies, prospects of socio-economic development.
  • Tendencies of the state and corporate financial policies in the Russian Arctic under the new geo-economic conditions. 
  • “School for Young Researchers”: The future of the Russian Arctic through the eyes of young researchers.