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Nordic cross-border infrastructure projects

 Identified by Nordic cross-border committees in 2017

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The cross-border infrastructure projects shown on the map are designed to show the importance of further development of movements and infrastructure plans across Nordic national borders, in opposition to infrastructure projects which are drawn up primarily within a national context, without a specific focus on cross-border linkages. As can be seen on the map, the Nordic cross-border committees have identified a number of planned or envisaged cross-border infrastructure projects which are considered important for the development of cross-border transport in the Nordic region.

It should be noted that the projects and stretches included in the map are solely those identified from the view of Nordic cross-border committees, as examples of projects with potential to further enhance Nordic cross-border movements at a Nordic level. In the map, there’s no differentiation between already planned and visionary projects; nor between local and global cross-border projects, or between projects with a limited geographic coverage and generic, large-scale infrastructure corridors. Envisaged or planned infrastructure projects limited to a national context have generally been excluded from the map, as have those cross-border projects that do not relate to Nordic cross-border committees.