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High-rise developments in the Baltic and Nordic capitals

The issue High-rise developments in the Baltic and Nordic capitals is a collection of articles on the theme previously published in the Journal of Nordregio No 2-2009 or No 2-2010. The theme is city centre densification and potentials conflicts. The old towns of Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius are all on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and are challenges by new downtown developments in their vicinities. Reports from City Architects.

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On skyscrapers and desires
Tallinn: Just outside the protection area
Uncertainty over Gazprom's tower
Riga: New "high-rises" across the river
Vilnius: Heated debate produced new policy
Copenhagen: Between verdigris coated spires and glass towers
Reykjavik horizon
No skyscrapers in Helsinki
Bruising high-rise debates in Oslo
Oslo: Ownership and opportunities in Bjørvika
Stockholm's famous skyline is changing
Highest Nordic buildings - 60 meters or more
Baltic and nordic High-rise summary