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Networks & arenas

Nordregio works in many different arenas and our researchers are engaged in an extensive series of networks. Regional development is a field we share with a great variety of actors. To maintain our edge, we need to be active, involved and engaged in relevant networks.

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Through our research projects at many different geographic scales; we find ourselves in a vast network that includes more than 5000 people.

Seminars & events

Nordregio researchers are active at many seminars and are frequently appointed as expert speakers.

Nordic tour

We strive to promote a diversity of perspectives.

Nordic Working Groups

Nordregio contributes to the Nordic co-operation by acting as the secretariat for four working groups under the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy.


Research partnerships characterize a vast majority of our work; ESPON is vital in this regard

Open Access Portal

Launched in March 2014, the Nordic Council of Ministers' publications portal provides access to some 3,000 Nordic publications. This is also where Nordregio collects our publications on spatial development.