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Board of Directors

Member for Denmark
Holger Bisgaard, Consultant
Bisgaards office

Member for Norway (chairman)
Erik Vieth Pedersen, Deputy Director-General
Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation of Norway
Member for Sweden
Maria Eriksson, Senior Advisor
Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Member for Finland
Olli Voutilainen, Senior Officer
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

Member for Island
Snorri Björn Sigurðsson, Head of Regional Development Department
Icelandic Regional Development Institute

Member for Åland
Katarina Fellman, Director
Statistics and Research Åland

Member for the Faroe Islands

Member for Greenland

Representatives from Nordregio staff
Anna Karlsdottìr, Senior Research Fellow

Representative of the Nordic Council of Ministers
Lise Østby, Senior Advisor
The Nordic Council of Ministers