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Bioeconomy and Regional Economic Development

Nordregio News Issue 4, 2014

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Bioeconomy on the Nordic Agenda

In 2014, the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers has put bioeconomy at the top of the Nordic political agenda, stating that the Nordic countries have excellent potential for creating a sustainable bioeconomy, with positive effects on regional development. There are three arguments behind this statement. First, the Nordic countries are rich in biotic natural resources. Second, they have well-functioning institutions and well-developed cross-border co-operation. Finally, they have the requisite competence and research capacity. In this issue of Nordregio News, we look at the current situation regarding the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries.

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Bioeconomy in the Nordic Regions

By Jukka Teräs

Bioeconomy has gained growing attention and importance on the Nordic research and industrial agenda. An increasing number of Nordic actors have attempted to develop the principal products of the bioeconomy: bio-based products and bioenergy. What then is the current state of the art of the Nordic bioeconomy - especially from the viewpoint of regional development? Are there good regional practices to learn from and transfer within the Nordic region?

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Bioeconomy and the Regional Economy: The Örnsköldsvik Biorefinery Cluster

By Gunnar Lindberg & Jukka Teräs

Bioeconomic development in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden has a specific feature of strong clustering activity around the 'Biorefinery of the Future' initiative, but how did the regional biorefinery cluster develop over time to become one of the most interesting Nordic regional bioeconomy initiatives? What is the future of the Örnsköldsvik biorefinery?

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Views on Finnish and Nordic Bioeconomy

With Kaisu Annala

We asked Kaisu Annala, Strategic Director of Cleantech at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in Finland, some questions on Finnish and Nordic bioeconomy. Kaisu chairs the Nordic Working Group for Green Growth - Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Finland has set ambitious goals to be in the forefront of bioeconomy in the Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy drafted in 2014, a project set up by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

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