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25-27 April, Social Green meeting: Policies for greening social housing

The Social Green project addresses green social housing in order to contribute to reduce the GHG emissions as well as to reduce the fuel poverty indicators in EU regions towards a lower carbon economy. 

Social Green aims to promote the greening of the social housing sector through mutual learning and development of improved regional policies. It will provide the opportunity to explore green building practices and significantly reduce GHG emissions through cost-effective means while providing much needed housing in a healthy and sustainable manner. Through interregional cooperation Social Green stakeholder regions will identify, share and transfer innovative methodologies, processes and good practices in developing and implementing greener social housing sector policies, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings.

Social Green project holds the second partner meeting 25-27 April in Mizil, Romania, and the agenda is: 

On 25th, an internal consortium meeting takes place. In addition, this meeting will host the political board meeting. The objective is to assure their commitment towards the documents produced within the project, namely the Action Plan and Policy Recommendations in order to facilitate the introduction of improvements in the policy instruments.

On 26th, two study visits related to energy efficient in Social housing have been organised, both will be host in the City of Bucharest. Stakeholders from partners’ countries and all over Europe will attend to the visits. Later on, reports on the study visits will be produced.

Finally, An Action Plan workshop will be organised in Mizil, on 27th, in order to present and discuss the "Action Plan Guide" produced by Nordregio (Lead partner) to support the production of the regional Action Plans.

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