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Adapting to Climate Change in Swedish Planning Practice

New peer reviewed article by Nordregio's Research Fellow Christian Dymén and  Richard Langlais on climate change adaptation in Swedish planning practice.

Mitigation measures, especially municipal energy infrastructure transformation, have been the focus of Sweden's climate change responses. Recently, adaptation measures have grown in priority and planners are challenged to integrate mitigation and adaptation. In our study, we observe how synergies and conflicts in adaptation, mitigation, and other social and economic dimensions of spatial planning are grappled with in municipalities. We draw primarily from interviews with municipal planners and regional agencies as well as a review of policy documents. Our conclusion is that municipalities could be assisted in their climate change planning by stronger regional and national involvement.

Dymén, C., Langlais, R. (2012) Adapting to climate change in Swedish Planning Practice. Journal of Planning Education and Research

Christian Dymén

Senior Research Fellow