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Gendered dimensions of climate change response in Swedish municipalities

New peer reviewed article by Nordregio's Research Fellow Christian Dymén, Måns Andersson, Linköping University and Richard Langlais, FOI on gender and climate change response in Swedish planning practice.

This article elaborates on and discusses gendered dimensions of climate change response in Swedish municipalities. There are indications that attitudes and behaviour to the environment and climate change are gendered. This evidence together with our own work further indicates that gender awareness is most probably an important influence on how municipalities respond to climate change. The aim of this study was to investigate if and how gendered aspects of climate change response are integrated in the Swedish response to climate change. The potential causal relationships between a high level of awareness of the gendered aspects of climate change and the levels of climate change response were investigated. We asked whether there is a positive relationship between gender awareness and the quality of the communities' climate change policies and practice. Indications of such a relationship prompt a change in research priorities – paying more attention to gender – and in subsequent policy developments.

Dymén, C., Andersson, M., Langlais, R (2013) Gendered Dimensions of Climate Change Response in Swedish Municipalities, Local Environment: The International journal of Justice and Sustainability.


Christian Dymén

Senior Research Fellow