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Linking renewable energy to rural development

February 18th and 19th 2013, Östersund, Sweden

At the conference, the findings of the OECD-study Linking renewable energy to rural development will be discussed by regional and national authorities from the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea Region and other European regions, the European Commission and the OECD.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To disseminate the findings from the OECD study
  • Initiate a discussion on how to make use of the OECD-findings
  • Consider future cooperation

Speakers, as we know them now, are (in order of appearance):

  • Ms. Britt Bohlin, Governor County of Jämtland
  • Mr. Raffaele Trapasso, Ph.D. Economist, Regional Development Policy Division, OECD
  • Mr. Pasi Pitkänen, Regional planner, Regional Council of North Karelia
  • Mr. Lars Tomlinson, Adviser Regional Development, Region Zealand
  • Mr. Ole Rasmussen, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio, Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Mr. Jose Enrique Garcilazo, Head, Rural and Regional Programme, OECD
  • Ms. Maud Skäringer, Policy Analyst, DG Regio, EU Commission
  • Mr. Hallgeir Aalbu, Director General, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Norway
  • Ms. Iris Flacco, Manager, Energy Department, Abruzzo Region
  • Mr. Ulf Savbäck, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
  • NN, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
  • Mr. Robert Uito, County Commissioner, Region of Jämtland
  • Mr. Pentti Hyttinen, Regional Mayor, Regional Council of North Karelia
  • Ms. Anna Olofsson, Director General, Ministry of Enterprise, Communication and Energy, Sweden

The conference is organised by Jämtland County Administrative Board, County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, Jämtland Regional Council and Nordregio.

Participation is free of charge. The number of participants at the conference is limited. Please wait for confirmation before you make any travel bookings.

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Christian Dymén

Senior Research Fellow