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Nordregio in Almedalen 2012

Nordregio is participating in two events at the Almedalen Week 2012

Nordic capital regions in the global network economy

World cities such as New York, London, Paris and Singapore are seen as central nodes in the global networks of capital, commodities, knowledge, people and cultural symbols. In this sense, they function as important hubs for the interaction of skilled labour and their 'tacit knowledge', as financial control centres and as major points of origin for the generation of different kinds of innovations (i.e. social, cultural, and technical). But what positions and roles do our Nordic cities have in this world of flows, and how does the global network economy impact on Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm, and on Nordic urban policymaking more generally?

Organizer: Mälardalsrådet in co-operation with Nordregio

4 July 2012 12.00-13.15 at Björkanderska magasinet, Visby

More information: Mälardalsrådet in Almedalen 2012

Nordregio Policy Brief: Nordic capital regions in the global network economy

Participants from Nordregio: 

Ole Damsgaard


Lukas Smas

Senior Research Fellow


B7 Baltic Island Network

Nordregio's Johanna Roto and Lisa Hörnström will give a presentation at the B7 steering committee and board meeting in Almedalen 2012.

The B7 is a co-operation of the 7 largest islands in the Baltic Sea from 5 different countries that began in 1989. The partners are: Bornholm (Denmark), Gotland (Sweden), Hiiumaa (Estonia), Rügen (Germany), Saaremaa (Estonia), Åland (autonomous region of Finland), Öland (Sweden).

Read more about B7: B7 Baltic Islands Network

Nordregio Policy Brief: Addressing the issue of demographic vulnerability
- Demographic handbook for the Nordic countries – and how the B7 islands could make use of it.

 Participants from Nordregio: 

Lisa Hörnström

Senior Research Fellow

Johanna Roto

GIS/Cartography Coordinator