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Planning for Polycentricity in European Metropolitan Areas

 - Challenges, Expectations and Practices

In a new peer reviewed article by Nordregio's Senior Research Fellow Peter Schmitt, current challenges, expectations and practices related to planning work in 'polycentric' metropolitan areas are discussed. Based on findings provided by a group of spatial planners from 12 metropolitan areas across Europe, the concept of polycentricity is explored along three thematic strands.

The paper draws particular attention to a number of major rationales articulated by practitioners, efforts to set in motion an in-depth debate within an international group, and planners' experiences with regard to the concept's applicability.

Schmitt, P., (2013): Planning for Polycentricity in European Metropolitan Areas—Challenges, Expectations and Practices, Planning Practice & Research, DOI:10.1080/02697459.2013.780570