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Winning contribution

Nordregio's Research Fellow Mitchell Reardon formed the urban planning and design team that won the Morph My City Challenge 2040 Prize, in Regina Canada.

Mitchell ReardonOut of 58 entries from around the world, a team formed by Nordregio's Mitchell Reardon won the Morph My City Challenge (MMCC) 2040 Prize. The team was made up of Brussels born, Chengdu, China based, Sebastien Goethals; Ottawa, Canada based Daly Brown; Stockholm based Atsushi Hagihara, from Okayama, Japan; and Mitchell Reardon, from Ottawa, living in Stockholm. They used distinct yet complementary skills in urban planning, engineering and architecture in their winning entry Rosemont: Smart, Green & Vibrant. The competition was organised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada during the 2012 National Infrastructure Summit.

Clare Kirkland, who developed the MMCC as Director of the Regina Regional Opportunities Commission, said the winning team's revitalization project had "A holistic perspective that ensured a wide and diverse range of factors, including resource efficient buildings; a comprehensive water eco-cycle; integrated structures and landscaping fostering social development, engagement and integration; and an advanced, low carbon transport system. The area's location, close to nature and the city centre was considered while planning, a livable, human oriented development."

The Morph My City Challenge is a two-part innovation competition aiming to encourage and reward radical new approaches to sustainable urban planning. Architects, engineers, students, city planners and innovators from around the world are invited to enter this challenge.

The aim of the 2040 Prize competition was to create a long term vision the Regina neighbourhood of Rosemont, through the use of green technology and planning.

As the winners of the Morph My City 2040 Prize, the team will receive a $50,000 contract with the City of Regina.

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