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Scandinavian capitals expected to grow more rapidly than London, Madrid and Paris

Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen are expected to be among the fastest growing cities in western Europe, according to a report from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. One reason for the development is the attractive labour markets in the Scandinavian capitals, according to Peter Schmitt, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio.

The Danish newspaper Politiken draws attention to a new report from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, stating that the Scandinavian capitals Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen are 3 of the 16 cities in western Europe that will have the highest population growth until 2030. Economic growth and favourable conditions for families are factors that make the capitals grow rapidly. Nordregio’s Peter Schmitt is interviewed by Politiken and mentions attractive labour markets as another factor.

According to the report, the Scandinavian capitals are expected to grow with just over half a million residents in total. In general this is a positive thing, but development can also entail problems, says Peter Schmitt. The rapid population growth has already led to increased housing prices, which makes it hard for some people to afford living in the city.

“Bigger isn’t always better. Too much growth can lead to cities losing their attraction”, says Schmitt.

According to Schmitt it is also time for the Scandinavian capitals to stop competing and start cooperating to attract international companies. Because despite the overall population growth, multinational companies will only look to one city as the bridge to the Nordic market, and none of the cities can be strong in every area.

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