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Second phase of the Municipality Programme ended

The second phase of the programme "Nordic-Russian Exchange Programme for Local Civil Servants" has now ended. During the winter and spring of 2010/2011 Russian and Nordic municipal civil servants made six study visits to seven Nordic municipalities.

The visited cities were Kuopio, Oulu, Odense, Luleå, Pori, Bodö and Aarhus. The themes of the visits were Municipal Environmental Governance, Urban Planning and support of Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Issues such as waste and water management, sustainable cities and entrepreneurship were among the subjects discussed and presented. The Russian participants represented municipalities and regions from all over North West Russia including Saint Petersburg, Murmansk, Pskov and Vyborg.

In total approximately 150 Nordic and Russian local civil servants participated in the study visits which has enabled the municipalities to discuss further co-operation and common projects