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Senior Research Fellow in Policies for Regional Economic Growth and Innovation

Nordregio invites applications for two positions


Your main tasks will be to work with issues of competitive regions and facilitating economic development through topics such as green growth, smart specialisation, innovative governance and entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries as well as in Europe more generally.

Particular interests in EU and national policies for regional growth, and for issues related to the integration of economic development and spatial planning are an advantage.

A senior research fellow is expected to hold a PhD or have similar qualifications, in addition to a number of years of relevant work experience. We expect you to be experienced in project development and project management. As a senior research fellow you will have the responsibility to initiate, attract and lead externally funded research and development projects.

For these positions we further expect you to have experience in, and a broad knowledge of, current scientific developments in the international academic fields of policies for regional development, and a wide knowledge of the Nordic and European institutional systems. Furthermore, specific knowledge within at least one of the following topics: entrepreneurship, innovation, smart specialisation, green growth and spatial planning is required. Experience of policy and programme evaluation would be an additional advantage.

Your professional background could be in human geography, economics and business studies, regional planning, political science, sociology or an associated discipline.

You should have an extensive network of research contacts and a good knowledge of policy and policy-making at regional, national and EU level. Concerning the former we expect you to have an in-depth knowledge of at least one of the Nordic countries.

Furthermore, applicants should be enterprising and possess good cooperative, managerial and communicative skills.

Fluency in English is essential. If the applicant does not speak a Scandinavian language, he/she must be willing to acquire a working knowledge of Swedish, Norwegian or Danish within a relatively short period of time. Possession of other European languages would be considered as an additional advantage.

The positions are full time, but we are open also for part-time employments. We offer competitive salaries and term contracts with a maximum length of four years. After further agreement the contract can be renewed for an additional four year period. If you are employed by the State in a Nordic country, you are according to the "Avtale om rettstilling for samnordiske institusjoner og deres ansatte" entitled to leave of absence from your present position as long as your employment at Nordregio lasts.

Nordregio offers you the opportunity to become a part of an international institution. The positions offer significant career development potential in terms of encouraging successful applicants to build and/or enhance their own international network of contacts in both the policy and academic fields.

For further information, please contact the Director of Nordregio, Kjell Nilsson by e-mail at or by phone +46 72 300 8857.

Applications including a CV and references should be addressed to

Nordregio by e-mail - - and must be received no later than 10 May, 2013. We will be holding the first round of interviews between 20-24 May.

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