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Senior Research Fellow or Expert/Senior Expert in GIS, Data Management and Quantitative Analysis

Nordregio invites applications for one position

Nordregio is currently seeking to expand its expertise in GIS, spatial analysis, quantitative analysis, database management, and web mapping by adding at least one Senior Research Fellow and/or Expert/Senior Expert. The scope of the roles and responsibilities of the individual hired will therefore depend on the qualifications of individual applicants.

With the responsibility to initiate, attract and lead externally funded research and development projects, as a Senior Research Fellow you are experienced in project development and project management. Thematically, your particular research interests are regional development issues in the Nordic countries and Europe, with a focus on the application of spatial analysis to the understanding of demographic development and welfare issues across a range of spatial scales. We also expect you to have an in-depth knowledge of this field in at least one of the Nordic countries.

Since you will be expected to work heavily with quantitative analysis and the production of maps regarding demographic changes, socio-economic analyses, etc., a strong working knowledge of GIS and data management is necessary. Through a sound knowledge and appreciation of statistical research methods, this includes the ability to collect and analyse regional and local level socio-economic and spatial indicators and create regional typologies across a variety of research themes. You have experience in harmonising national indicators to internationally comparable levels. Additionally, thematic knowledge pertaining to socio-economic development of the Arctic, rural and/or sparsely populated regions is a strong advantage.

Formally, you hold a PhD in human geography, statistics, geoinfomatics, surveying or an associated discipline; you have a number of years of relevant work experience; and combined, you bring an extensive network of research and policy contacts with you to Nordregio.

As an Expert/Senior Expert you likely have many of the same qualifications and attributes as a Senior Research Fellow; however, a PhD can be substituted with a Master's degree or a suitable mix of formal training and work experience.

Additionally, your role is more likely oriented towards quantitative spatial analysis and the production of maps within projects and research activities managed by other research staff at Nordregio. As such, key fields of expertise include geoinfomatics, statistics and database management, applied in the context of spatial analysis, development of indicators and formation of typologies related to the range of regional development issues prioritised by Nordregio.

In addition, and depending on your qualifications, you will potentially work with the development of an innovative web mapping and statistical platform at Nordregio. As such, experts who can combine the aforementioned thematic research experience with expertise in open source or third party web mapping tools, web design, API, server management, etc. are particularly attractive.

For both positions, applicants must be enterprising, excellent communicators, cooperative, self-motivated and creative. Also, fluency in English is essential, and if you do not speak a Scandinavian language, you must be willing to acquire a working knowledge of Swedish, Norwegian or Danish within a relatively short period of time. Some degree of fluency in Finnish or other European languages is an additional advantage.

Nordregio intends the position to be full time, but we are open also for part-time and fixed duration employment if the circumstances are right. We offer competitive salaries and term contracts with a maximum length of four years. After further agreement the contract can be renewed for an additional four year period. If you are employed by the State in a Nordic country, you are according to the "Avtale om rettstilling for samnordiske institusjoner og deres ansatte" entitled to leave of absence from your present position as long as your employment at Nordregio lasts.

Nordregio offers you the opportunity to become a part of an international institution. The position offers significant career development potential in terms of encouraging successful applicants to build and/or enhance their own international network of contacts in both the policy and academic fields.

For further information

Please contact the Director of Nordregio, Kjell Nilsson by e-mail at or by phone +46 72 300 8857.

Applications including a CV and references should be addressed to Nordregio by e-mail to and must be received no later than 1 September 2013. Interviews will be carried out during September 9-11.