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Smart, sustainable and inclusive regions

How are Nordic regions affected by a new global economic situation where - in many ways - the focus has shifted from Europe to other parts of the world? How can Nordic regions deal with demographic development characterized by aging and increased population concentration in larger cities? How can Nordic regions profile themselves when it comes to new energy solutions and business potentials related to a greening of the economy? These were some of the questions addressed at a seminar on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Regions at Nordregio.

On November 20th 2012 the Nordic working group on third generation regional policy organized a seminar together with Nordregio with a focus on future policy for regional development in the Nordic Countries.

The seminar gathered representatives from regional and local authorities, national ministries and organizations focusing on regional development. At the seminar, a selection of projects working with various themes from the past four years of Nordic cooperation on regional policy were presented and discussed. Four of these projects were commissioned by the Nordic working groups and presented by Nordregio researchers.

Further, the participants listened to a presentation by José Enrique Garcilazo from the OECD, who gave an overall perspective on growth in different types of regions across Europe. Ole Damsgaard, Director at Nordregio alsi made reflections on how global trends are affecting Nordic regions. Finally, Hallgeir Aalbu, Chairman of the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials on Regional Policy presented the priorities of future Nordic cooperation on regional policy.

At the end of the seminar, a panel consisting of national representatives discussed and gave their reflections on future policy for regional development in the Nordic countries.'

Lisa Hörnström

Senior Research Fellow