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Urbanisation in the Arctic

Proceedings from the First International Conference on Urbanisation in the Arctic. Conference 28-30 August 2012, Ilimmarfik, Nuuk, Greenland. Nordregio Working Paper 2013:6

The frame for the conference was phrased with a citation from the book Megatrends:

"Urbanisation is a global trend which will significantly contribute to the shaping of human life in the future. The Arctic region is no exception ... Since the 1960's, most of the population growth in the Arctic has occurred in urban centres tied to industrial activities, social services and public administration" (Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, Megatrends, 2011, pp 22).

Thus, the presentations and the discussions at the conference did not focus on if there is an urbanisation going on in the Arctic. The presentations and the discussions looked at how urbanisation in the Arctic actually has been going on and is developing.