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Andrea Morf

Senior Research Fellow

Specialised in research, analysis and further development of coastal and marine governance.

Main interest areas:

  • Institutional development, participation and process facilitation, conflict management, and rural development - not the least in relation to the ongoing development of Marine Spatial Planning, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, and the increasingly integrative and participatory management of natural resources and cultural and natural heritage in marine and coastal areas.
  • Method- and process development for knowledge integration: my empirical competence is mainly qualitative, but I do understand enough of natural sciences and quantitative methods to seek and enjoy collaboration with practitioners, quantitative researchers, and modellers for combining different types of knowledge to analyse and tackle a specific problem at hand.
  • Risk analysis, communication and management in relation to tackling the effects of climate change in coastal areas.

Academic qualifications

  • MSc in Environmental Sciences, Dept XB Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich (1994)
  • PhD in Human Ecology, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg (2006)


  • German
  • Züritüütsch
  • English
  • Swedish

Prior and present positions

My professional experience encompasses both regional spatial planning (Kanton Thurgau 1995-1997), environmental consultancy, academic-level research, knowledge synthesis, teaching and expert training at the University of Gothenburg (from 1997 as PhD student and later as senior researcher at the School of Global Studies and 2007-2010 as transdisciplinary PostDoc at the Department for Marine Ecology), Luleå Technical University (2014-15 as senior researcher at the Department for Political Sciences), and the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment (since 2009 as scientific coordinator and analyst in the area of management of marine uses). I also have experience in youth and adult environmental pedagogy (YWCA, SILVIVA 1981-1996).