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Journal of Nordregio no 1, 2007

Energy - Where next?
Nordic regional developments

For energy producers high market demand is advantageous. For the public the same could be the case – that is – if the production, distribution or consumption of energy did not cause pollution or accidents. In many ways this summarizes the debate on energy where costs must be measured against environmental hazards. This is well known. On the other hand many of us know less about energy as a commodity. With this issue of the Journal of Nordregio we hope to provide some insight into this question. For example, for those of us living in the Nordic countries it is becoming increasingly important to understand how the Nord Pool Spot Market, the bourse for electricity, functions as this market more or less determines the price of all of the electricity we consume. What makes prices go up and down and what are the most likely future trends?

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Modest Nordic supply growth
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The "good" electricity market
The Baltic states want to join the western energy market
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