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Journal of Nordregio no 4, 1008

Local Climate Adaption

Bundled with this issue of the Journal of Nordregio you should also receive the publication, Climate Change Emergencies and European Municipalities—Guidelines for Adaptation and Response. Click at image to the right. Our hope is that this will be both useful and inspirational for those developing further work on climate adaptation. Most of the presentations herein are results of the Nordregio project Municipal Responses to Climate Change Emergencies (MuniRes). This is an international project with partners and associates from Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, Lithuania and Sweden.

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- Editorial: Climate costs and responsibilities
- Flood challenges in Lithuania
- Danish climate change adaptation
- Flood protection in Kittilä, Finland
- Fredrikstad: - Warmer, wetter and wilder
- Nordic cities of the future
- Flood preparations in cologne
- Italy an climate change
- Water pressure on Kristianstad
- Climate coach in the municipalities
- Overcoming Swedish CLIMATE uncertainty
- Climate changes and gender
- Two new books on regions
- Globalisation from a nordic perspective
- Eu did not boost baltic-emigration