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Journal of Nordregio no 1, 2011

Europan energy challenges

In this issue of the Journal of Nordregio we draw attention to Europe's energy challenges and the possible scenarios that flow from them: Urgent measures are needed to help the most vulnerable regional economies, mainly located in the Eastern part of Europe, to cope with rising energy prices. Remote regions will have to prepare for higher prices for long-distance travel and air transport. This could easily have a negative impact on overall price levels and tourism, which is often important for local employment. Further, the European coordination of policy instruments on the local, regional, national and EU level to enhance access to energy efficiency measures should be improved.

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EU energy challenges
Regional energy vulnerability
The energy clusters
Europe's future energy Scenarios
Samsø Island 100% wind
Navarra moves towards self-sufficiency
Industrial symbiosis in Kalundborg
Green housing in Freiburg
City policies and resource efficiency
- Marseille - sprawl continues
- Newcastle is hollowed out
- Stockholm stays tailor-made
Energy saving for 13 000 flats in Berlin