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New virtual format

This is the last issue of the printed version of the Journal of Nordregio, but we will continue to share our knowledge with you in many different ways. We will energise our communication channels to the same proficiency level as our research. An interesting 'go to' place will definitely be our new website which will be launched in the autumn. We will make sure to guide you there through a new virtual newsletter.

The website will be frequently updated with a steady stream of new knowledge and analyses. Our researchers are currently involved in more than 50 projects, covering challenges like society and environment, territorial knowledge dynamics, territorial development and policy and planning. Our approach to making these research results available will continually advance. Policy Briefs is one of the eagerly awaited formats. We will also continue to develop our syntheses reports.

As a reader of our upcoming virtual newsletter you will be kept up to date on the interesting research results produced within Nordregio. We will also continue to share our experiences and views on current topics.

However, the trickiest question for us as a research institute is not to find the best way to disseminate information but rather how best to pick it up. In today's increasingly informed world reflection is a key part of communication. Reflection is also key to success in the field of applied research. This is where the ability to compete is best promoted by seeking to seamlessly connect our research to the spheres of policy and practice.

To remain accurate Nordregio's communication strategy is based on the principle of 'two-way communication'. This strategy is part of our mission from the Nordic Council of Ministers - to continually be active, involved and engaged. Regional development is a field we share with a lot of different actors. Our research is undertaken in close cooperation with ministries, boards, agencies and other authorities. Learning how to create shared value is the best way to validate our research.

Supporting interactive dialogue is essential to ensuring that we are doing the right things in the right way. It provides valuable insights and knowledge from relevant stakeholders and helps us to focus, refine and improve our research. Our approach here is to involve the relevant stakeholders while addressing the needs and realities of the beneficiaries in the research process.

Furthermore, sustaining an interactive dialogue with the academic world is essential to improving the state-of-the-art in our research field. We are continuously sharpening our leading edge skills in quantitative and qualitative analyses on the many different geographical scales with which we work.

Before we close the last chapter of the Journal of Nordregio, we would like to thank the editor, Odd Iglebaek, for his excellent and much appreciated work. Although a printed journal is now simply too costly to maintain, the exclusiveness of the articles will continue be the foundation of our upcoming virtual newsletter.

To our 3 800 subscribers we would like to wish you a nice summer before we see you again in a new format!

Anna Lena Schlossman

Head of Communications