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Thematic group members

Countries and self-governing territories


Mikko Huuskonen (Chair), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland

Birgitte Wohl Sem (Vice-chair), Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Norway

Örjan Hag, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden

Jón Óskar Pétursson, Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Iceland

Gert Elstrøm Kristoffersen, Danish Business Authority, Denmark

Eigil Carner Nielsen, The Ministry of Finance and Internal Revenue, Greenland

Jouko Kinnunen, Statistics and Research Åland, Åland


Regional representatives 


Jerker Johnson, The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Finland

Hanne Østerdal, Nordland County Council, Norway

Anders Olsson, Region of Värmland, Sweden

Lena Schenk, Regional Municipality of Bornholm, Denmark


Representatives from the cross-border committees


Heikki Aalto, Bothnian Arc

Elsie Hellström, Svinesundkomitéen


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