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Bioeconomy in-depth study

The in-depth study focuses on bioeconomy and its influence on regional development in the Nordic countries. The in-depth study contributes to the key aspects of the Green Growth Working Group´s Mandate by presenting an overview of instruments and by exploring "good practice" Nordic regional case studies of innovation and entrepreneurship on bioeconomy.

The practical implementation of the bioeconomy in-depth study will be divided into two parts. First, there will be a more general part, providing an overview of bioeconomy to give a broader view. The more general part will be followed by a more specific part, focusing on the most interesting "spearhead" part-studies of bioeconomy.

The Nordic Workshop on Bioeconomy was held in Stockholm on January 15th 2014. The workshop that was organised by Nordregio focused on Bioeconomy, regional development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The participants of the workshop represented national authorities, businesses and academia, as well as international institutions from Nordic countries and Estonia (Workshop and presentations click here).

Nordregio coordinates the implementation of the bioeconomy in-depth study. The Bioeconomy in-depth study will be completed in 2014.

Noredregio experts involved in the Bioeconomy in-depth study:

Jukka Teräs

Senior Research Fellow

Gunnar Lindberg

Senior Research Fellow

Lise Smed Olsen

Research Fellow

Liisa Perjo

Research Fellow

Ingrid H G Johnsen

Senior Research Fellow

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