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Knowledge Overview

During 2013-2014 Nordregio will produce an overview of recent studies/analyses, on-going programmes and good examples of national, regional (and local) governance to support green growth and eco-innovation.

First, the overview will include a mapping of recent analyses of relevance for green growth innovation and entrepreneurship, e.g. from the OECD, Nordic, and national authorities. The mapping will include a short summary of existing knowledge concerning potentials and barriers for different sectors. Second, a review will be made of existing national and regional policy instruments and case studies on the topic which have already been produced in the Nordic countries. The examples are likely to include both rural and urban regions and cover a variety of private business sectors. The final result will be a knowledge overview and brief summaries on good examples of regional (and when relevant local) policies and measures to support innovation and entrepreneurship for green growth.

The findings from this initial project will be used as working material throughout the programme period and will feed into the handbook for policy makers which is planned to be published in 2016.

Nordregio experts involved in the Knowledge Overview:

Jukka Teräs

Senior Research Fellow

Lise Smed Olsen

Research Fellow

Liisa Perjo

Research Fellow

Ingrid H G Johnsen

Senior Research Fellow


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