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A comparative study of integrated regional development policy and planning

The Swedish government has expressed that the regional development strategies should contribute to harmonizing and integrating plans and strategies at different governmental levels and between different administrative sectors. Therefore Nordregio has been commissioned by Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) to conduct a comparative study on international experiences on integrating regional development policy and municipal physical planning.

The study will also review Swedish regional development and planning system, and come up with recommendations concerning enhancement of Swedish planning routines. The project consists of four different elements:

  • analysis of the Swedish administrative system and recent developments on the regional level
  • collection and analysis of a strategic selection of Nordic and European examples
  • analysis of the Swedish planning system, with focus on the interaction between the regional development and growth policies, and municipal and urban physical planning
  • development of policy recommendations and possibilities

The preliminary results of the project will be presented at a RegLab seminar 19th January 2012.