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"Strengthening Quality of Life through the Improved Management of Urban Rural Interaction."

The NEW BRIDGES project addressed the need for new management approaches and partnerships in urban-rural settings in order to maintain, improve, and secure quality of life in city-regions across the Baltic Sea Region.

The project improved the management of urban-rural interactions by taking into account the following key elements of quality of life: (1) residential preferences (2) mobility & accessibility and (3) provision of services. The project evaluated the potentials for more sustainable urban-rural interactions in seven city-regions across the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Hereby new management approaches were developed and eight Pilot Actions (partly) implemented in order to improve the management of quality of life. Particular attention was paid to the needs, values and lifestyles of the people living in these city-regions.

Nordregio coordinated different analyses and stakeholder involvement methods as well as produced the Final Report Managing Quality of Life in the Context of Urban-Rural Interaction – Approaches from the Baltic Sea Region published as a Nordregio Report.

In addition to the Final Report the following documents were published and can be downloaded from the project´s website 'Planning Together for Better Quality of Life - Guide for Integrated Management of Urban Rural Interaction', which included policy recommendations to the EU, national and macro-regional levels, as well as the complimentary methodological package 'NEW BRIDGES Online Toolkit'.

Published articles for download:
Baltic Cities Environmental bulletin 2/2010