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Mobility in Greenland

The project is looking into the possible consequences of the establishing of an aluminum smelter at Maniitsoq in Western Greenland, with special focus on the potential mobility of the required labor force within Greenland, and the possible social, economic and cultural consequences the moving of people may have, both in the municipalities gaining more people, and in the municipalities loosing part of their skilled workforce

Large scale industries, energy production and mining activities are important contributors to Northern economies, and as a means of exporting renewable energy resources such as hydropower, energy intensive industries such as aluminum smelters are becoming of increasing interest.

The large scale activities, however, have substantial impact on both environment and socio-economic structures in Northern communities. A key question is the relationship between the new activities and access to labor force, raising the question of whether or not the local or regional communities are able to provide a proper basis of skilled labor, or imported labor force from other countries may be needed, with all the implications this may have.