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"Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region"

The project aimed to being able to not only assess the impacts of climate change, but also to promote the development, appraisal and implementation of adaptation measures (structural ones as well as organisational and institutional measures). In order to achieve these goals a multi-level trans-national approach was applied in BaltCICA. Concrete adaptation measures were tested and implemented in different case studies. On a pan-Baltic level the costs of higher sea level and increased flood risk was assessed. Furthermore a concept for process management on climate change adaptation and mitigation was developed, supported by a meta-evaluation and conceptualization of case study results.

Nordregio on the one hand supported municipalities and cities in developing concrete climate change adaptation measures by helping them to facilitate stakeholder involvement processes and to ensure the transferability of results and methods between meetings and also between the case studies. On the other hand, Nordregio focused on governance related aspects of climate change adaptation and looked into the possibility of establishing an adaptation strategy on BSR level as proposed by the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Besides Nordregio observed the case study processes from a transnational learning perspective.

A brochure, the Final Report as well as lots of information from the case studies can be accessed at the BaltCICA homepage

The BaltCICA book Climate Change Adaptation in Practice: From Strategy Development to Implementation has been published May 2013 and can be purchased here.

BaltCICA is composed of 24 municipal, regional and research institute partners from all of the countries in the BSR.