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Climate Change Emergencies and European Municipalities

Guidelines for Adaption and Response.

The Guidelines are one of the outcomes of the project Municipal Responses to Climate Change Emergencies. The Municipal Response project was co-funded by the various partners in the project (see the list below) and by the European Commission, Directorate-General Environment, Directorate A—Communication, Legal Affairs and Civil Protection, ENV.A.3—Civil Protection.

The text of the Guidelines is also available for download below in the project's other languages: Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Lithuanian and Swedish.

Language versions

  • Danish (Lise Smed Olsen)
  • Finnish (Johanna Kentala-Lehtonen with assistance of Anu Henriksson)
  • German (Kathleen Kipping, Sven Friedrich and Dr. Jürgen Neumüller)
  • Italian (Giulio Tarlao)
  • Lithuanian (Dalia Gurskiene)
  • Swedish (Daniel Rauhut & Christian Dymén)

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