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Journal of Nordregio no 3, 2006

The challenge of territorial R & D

During November two different reports were presented at two different events in Finland. Both reports underline the important role 'territoriality' continues to play in the debate over competitiveness and globalisation. In The State of the Regions Report 2006 presented at the summit of the Baltic Development Forum in Helsinki the key message is that location matters, and even more so now in an economic environment characterised by globalisation.

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Territoriality matters!
Major increase in eu-research founding

R&D does not nessesarily yield high growth
Universities supply r&d-labour
Territorial debate: ESPD and espon
Viewpoint: Has the ESPD really been applied?
Viewpoint: Farewell to the Pentagon-model
Sweden changes
Paras and how many
Reforming Finland's municipalities
Underground to Espoo
The regions go to Brussels
Excellent occasion for presentation
Integration of civil protection in the Baltic sea region