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Journal of Nordregio no 3, 2009

Northern Norden: a new mining era

Many parts of northern Norden are forging ahead into a new mining era. Future plans included doubling production of iron-ore in Kiruna, reopening the iron-mine at Kirkenes in Norway and also opening a completely new iron-mine close to Pajala in Northern Sweden. Both Sweden and Finland are also preparing new mining ventures in respect of gold, uranium and other minerals. Including Northwest-Russia, there are currently 42 functioning mines in the region. Within a few years there could be as many as 68. The basis for these developments is the enduring richness of the Fennoscandain Shield, which provides a geological structure ripe with assets.

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- Editorial: Forging ahead into a new mining era
- Prices and geology will determine further developments in Fennoscandia
- Number of mines in Sweden could double
- Active mines and major new projects in the Fennoscandian Shield
- The Pajala-mines – A second Kiruna?
- Tourism is gold in Kittilä
- The Northern Sparsely Populated areas Are looking ahead
- Pajala goes for iron and beauty
- Nordic regional policies shift to regions
- Mega-projects and regional reforms
- Globalised Economy in Värmland
- The Ups and Downs of Tourism
- Huge expansion in winter-tourism
- Book review: New paths to "forgotten places"