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Journal of Nordregio no 2, 2010

Nordic rural policies -
The future of CAP and Coehsion
Hi-rise developments in the Baltic capitals

How are rural defined by the Nordic countries? What is the EU-definition? What are politics of Nordic rural development? The new issue of the Journal of Nordregio has as the recent development in rural policies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We also predict likely changes in the EU's Common Agricultural Policies as well as Cohesion after 2013. In the last section of the issue just out we bring you updates on the debate on high-rise development in the Baltic capitals.

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Official definitions of Nordic rural areas
EU and Nordregio rural definitions
Sustaining Nordic rural areas
Politics of Nordic rural development
Foreign second-homes in Norden
Where now for the CAP?
New Rural Cohesion Policy after 2013
Challenges facing the Nordic Maritime Sector baltic high-rise and unesco
Baltic high-rise and UNESCO
Tallinn: Just outside the protection area
Uncertainty over Gazprom's tower
Riga: New "high-rises" across the river
Vilnius: Heated debate produced new policy