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Evaluation of VINNOVAs TIGER-programme

An on-going evaluation of VINNOVA:s research programme Tillämpad genusforskning inom starka forskningsmiljöer (Applied gender research in centres of excellent research)

The projects financed within the TIGER-programme aim at performing practical development work, based on scientific gender research, in competitive research and innovation milieus. The overarching and long-term goal of TIGER is to promote sustainable growth in Sweden.

The three overarching aims of the on-going evaluation of the TIGER-programme are to, in a continuous process:

  1. To document experiences and knowledge in the projects and in the programme.
  2. Monitor and evaluate how the so-called effect-goals are reached and also to suggest changes, during the course of the programme, in order to reach the goals.
  3. Put the results, documentation and monitoring of the on-going evaluation in a broader societal perspective.