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Knowledge Intensive Business Services in the Stockholm region

An analysis of the importance of the KIBS-sector in Stockholm and the impact of economic crises on the KIBS-sector in urban areas of Sweden

The purpose is to increase knowledge on how the KIBS-sector contributes to growth and increased attractiveness in the Stockholm area.

The project consists of two parts;

a) an attempt to define and understand the importance of the sector as a complement to previous studies e.g. Framsyn Mälardalen - Stockholm

b) an analysis of the long term development of KIBS-sector in Stockholm, compared to Malmö and Gothenburg, to better understand its ability to handle economic crises and use regional business support activities

The project is based on a combination of desk research, qualitative and quantitative methods. Statistical analysis are made by external consultants.

Early 2011 Nordregio was asked to produce and up-date the draft report. "Kunskapsintensiva tjänsteföretag i svenska storstadsregioner. Regionala utvecklingsstrategier och påverkan av den ekonomiska krisen", Regionplanekontoret i Stockholm (forthcoming)