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ESS MAX IV i regionen - TITA is a regional development project initiated and owned by Region Skåne, Region Blekinge, the county administration board in Skåne, the 33 municipalities in Skåne, ESS AB and the universities in Skåne and Blekinge.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the innovation system, accessibility and attractiveness of the South Swedish region of Skåne, based on the establishment of two large research installations, ESS and MAX IV. The project consists of several parts focusing on different aspects of the impact that the research installations will and can have on regional development in South Sweden.

The role of Nordregio is to follow the project and participate in a continuous learning evaluation process with the purpose to improve the implementation of the project and to stimulate an exchange of experience between different stakeholders. The focus is on analyzing how the project can contribute to increased regional competiveness. Evaluation is an ongoing and integrated part of the development process in order to secure the long-term perspective in the project.