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Best Development Conditions in European Metropolises: Paris, Berlin and Warsaw (ESPON 2013, Targeted Analysis)

Metropolitan regions are the primary growth poles for regions and countries and they are seen as key drivers of territorial development both in the national and European context. Metropolisation is a complex process, affecting cities on a social, economic and spatial level. Therefore it is important to understand the logic of metropolitan development in order to determine what potentials should be mobilised. The project focuses on processes of urban development that many cities and regions in the EU currently experience. Emphasis is laid on comparing cities, thus enabling them to identify similarities and common challenges in relation to the project's three main themes: living conditions, mobility and governance in the metropolitan context. The analysis will focus on the metropolitan areas of Berlin, Paris and Warsaw attempting to gather information and knowledge that can be used in the planning, development and management practice of metropolitan cities and areas. Nordregio's role is in particular to contextualize the development patterns, potentials and challenges of the three cities in a European perspective.