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Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy (EURODITE)

The overall goal of the project is to understand the role of knowledge in the economies of European regions in order to inform policies in these regions towards a knowledge based economy with enhanced social cohesion.

The project conducts case studies at regional and firm level in over 20 European regions. Nordregio carries out case studies within new media and tourism in Skåne, and takes part in the European-wide synthesising part of the project including both in terms of the research and of the policy lessons.

The intention is to probe beneath the popular notion of the 'Knowledge Economy' by describing the diversity of learning processes, knowledge dynamics and knowledge trajectories across Europe.It is also intended to examine the assumption that regions and other spatial arrangements (such as 'clusters' or 'milieu') represent coherent units of explanation and intervention in the knowledge field.

Nordregio will mainly be involved in two types of case studies in Sweden: a regional case study and a number of firm case studies.