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Mapping and analyzing Saami Space

The project will deal with presenting & analyzing the Saami space with statistical and cartographic material

The project will deal with the new data which have been generated in various projects during the last years. The goal is to collect, store, retrieve & disseminate the data AND also interpret the collected data and its spatial characteristics scientifically by including spatial parameters and relations. Finally the intention is to use the combination of new data and spatial characteristics to compile an "Atlas of the Saami Space" The Atlas will give a comprehensive picture about the state of the region and its people, and start fulfilling the lack of statistical and cartographic material about the Saami people.

The project is also co-operating with the Snowchange Cooperative lead project "Making Sámi Knowledge Live Again" where Nordregio is involved to produce an Eastern Sámi Atlas, a study of Eastern Sámi land use, occupancy and human histories of Kola.